Used Book Policies

Clear your shelves!

We all know that there are some books we just have to keep -- but not all books! If your shelves are buckling under the weight, or that extra table that just appeared is really a stack of books from yesteryear -- it's time to come to Fireside Books and turn them in. You earn credit that can be applied to other used books in the store, and your house will be so much easier to clean!

Depending on the condition of the book, we usually offer 1/4 of the in-print list price in credit. When you buy another used book, your credit applies in full, except for Palmer sales tax.

We might not be able to take all of your books, of course. But if you like, we'll donate the books we can't use to various local charities.


Note: We can only hold your books for 24 hours.


Saturday, November 19, 2016 - 11:45am