Used Book FAQ

As a service to the community, we accept saleable used books in exchange for credit which can be applied toward the purchase of other used books. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How much do you offer for used books?

We offer you one half the price we think we can sell the book for. As a general guideline, we sell books for one-half of the in-print list price -- but we sometimes reduce the sale price of the book, and we reduce our offer to you accordingly.

How do you decide what books to take?

We take what we think our customers want to buy. They want books in good or better condition. They want books that are entertaining, informative, useful, well written. We are heavily biased toward paperbacks.

We'll sometimes take hardcovers if the paperback version of a great book is not available. On rare occassions we'll take hardcovers that we think we can sell at a paperback price -- and adjust your credit accordingly.

We also take into account the space available in a particular section. Sometimes we make the painful decision of rejecting a book we'd love to have on our shelves, but if there isn't room for it, we can't sell it. 

What do you do with the books you do not take?

If you want them back, we'll hold them for you for one working day so you can pick them up. If you don't want them back, we donate them to various charities, especially local libraries for their periodic book sales. Because of space limitations, we cannot  hold books for more than one working day.

What can I use the credit for?

 Your credit applies towards other used books. It does not apply towards sale table books, new books or rare and collectable books. The City of Palmer charges sales tax on barter transactions as well as cash transactions. Therefore, we charge 3% sales tax on used book credit purchases.