Let's Read, Let's Talk!

Best wishes for the New Year from Fireside Books!
We are living in interesting times, full of challenge and opportunity.  Unfortunately, at this critical juncture for our country we find ourselves divided and suspicious, often baffled by neighbors who seem to inhabit an entirely different version of reality from what we think we know.  Maybe it’s because of the way we read: Punchy Tweets. Hyperbolic Headlines. Lists rather than discussions.

Books are better. There’s something about reading a good book that allows for more understanding.  If written well, a good book lays out an argument with more depth than can be achieved in a tweet or blog post, and a good novel can make us feel what it is like to live lives utterly different from our own.  

So here’s what we want from you.  At this point in history, what book do you most want your fellow Americans to read?  In a few sentences, tell us why. We'll select the best reviews and post them in our store!

There's a Review form below you can print out and leave at the store, or you can email Fireside@goodbooksbadcoffee.com and put "Let's Read, Let's Talk" in the subject line!

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