Unstuff Your Stuff (Paperback)

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Unstuff Your Stuff (Paperback)


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68-year-old Millicent Hargrove returns from her Tuesday night bridge game to her house in Boulder, Colorado, to find her husband, George, dead on the floor with a knife in his chest.

At the funeral a man she doesn't know comes up and hands her an envelope. He explains that with George's death, she will receive special compensation for some work that George once did for the government. She asks what the work was, but he only says it was classified and he can't discuss it with her.

As she cleans out all her stuff to move from her house to a condo, she discovers that she's good at organizing her things. Her friends encourage her to start a personal organizing business.

Millicent gives it some thought and decides it's a good idea. She calls her business, Unstuff Your Stuff.

Millicent gains clients but struggles with her new life and cryptic clues left by her husband.

Men hit on her, but she doesn't want to get involved in any relationship, although she likes the father of the young man who helped her move to her condo.

She escapes attempts on her own life and figures out the mystery of the cryptic messages left by her husband. She develops a successful organizing business while sorting through the clutter from the secret life her husband led.

Product Details ISBN: 9781948338080
ISBN-10: 1948338084
Publisher: Encircle Publications, LLC
Publication Date: April 2nd, 2018
Pages: 248
Language: English