Brain Learning: Program Your Subconscious Mind and Get Positive Thinking. Accelerated Learning and Memory Improvement Techniques. Chan (Paperback)

Brain Learning: Program Your Subconscious Mind and Get Positive Thinking. Accelerated Learning and Memory Improvement Techniques. Chan Cover Image
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Famous philosophers and scientists have for hundreds of years been investigating the human brain.

This organ is more than just the central processor of our bodies.

Theories of how our brains work have developed, been disproven, revived, and then recanted again. As science progresses, we can verify certain premises of research, which were previously only unproven theories. We are, for instance, able to see into the brain, track where memories form, and even measure the electrical impulses that carry thought by using advanced imaging equipment. In a sense, we can now "see" our thoughts. This is not unlike the movie Johnny Mnemonic, in which the brain is visualized as a storage mechanism that can be used to retain specific information. However, in the past, we believed that we were unable to control what the brain remembered, or how it remembered. Recently, we have discovered that, like in the movie, where Keanu Reeves' character ditches his childhood memories, we can also take control of our memories.

Ren Descartes, renowned 17th-century mathematician and an important scientific mind of his era, famously theorized that it was not about having an excellent mental capacity (or our minds) but rather about how well we use that mind. This notion highlights two aspects of mindful living: that we need to develop a good mind, and that we must be able to use it. If we are to believe this reasoning, then we are able to become the creators of our life. In developing a good mind and learning how to use it, we can determine where we end up and what we achieve. We can become the captain of our life's boat. However, this will only happen when we start forming new thinking patterns that will fill your sails and not continue to sink your boat.

The human brain is an awesomely powerful mechanism. It controls how we think, what we think, and how we feel about that thought. We have only recently begun to formulate theories that explore how to change our mindset by using our mind and science to create a new life outlook and decision-making paradigm.

There's a saying that "when you know better, you do better." Mind programming is about teaching your brain to know better. It follows that you will then be able to do better. Learning to use your mind, in all its manifestations, is the first baby step to becoming the author of your life. Through knowing how your brain works, how we can communicate with the three parts of the mind, and learning how to discover your positive self, we can develop that go-getter mindset shared by all successful people.

You don't need a rich daddy, a college education, or famously good luck to begin crafting the life you've always wanted.

Before you can begin to program your mind to achieve your greatest wishes, some concepts need to be explained. It is not a magic trick, and you can't simply make it so by wishing for it. Truly, "if wishes were horses, beggars would ride." You need to understand how your operational systems are wired into your brain and the effects these have on your thinking before you can redesign your thinking and move forward. It's not as simple as choosing between Windows and Mac. The process takes time, and there will be some really amazing leaps forward as well as the occasional setback. However, with concerted efforts and a firm grasp on the theory that underpins these dramatic changes that you are about to embark on (and a pinch of determination), you will be able to change your mind and harness its power to free you from leading a life that may not feel worth living. Happily, there have been some giants who walked before you, and now it's simply a matter of following in their tracks. The path is laid before you - just take the first step.

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