bedtime meditation for kids: Meditation short stories for kids, fall asleep and learn feeling calm mindfulness relaxation for children and toddler (Paperback)

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Why doesn't your child listen to you when it's time to go to sleep? Is it a battle every night to try to be calm while going to bed? His dinosaur friends will help you and your son to leave everything out of the room and enter a world of peace before sleeping.

Is your child wild about dinosaurs? No one quite understands why so many kids go through a "dinosaur phase." It may be because they are extinct and although they may have been huge and hungry, they are harmless to a child since they no longer exist. These mysterious and powerful creatures interest many children and are a fun and exciting way to introduce relaxation, mindfulness and meditation. There is nothing as powerful as this to help re-focus, regulate and relax the human brain.

The benefits of mindfulness and meditation are many. You may notice any or all of the following:

  • increased self-awareness
  • increased confidence
  • willingness to embrace challenges
  • increased stamina and perseverance
  • decreased anxiety
  • improved positive mood
  • improved social skills
  • better communication

Here you will find twenty-two engaging stories to help you begin this journey with the children in your life. Nightly reading time as part of the bedtime ritual, helps kids sort through some of their anxieties and relax for a high quality, restful sleep. There are stories for many personalities contained in this book. Your child might especially enjoy the guided meditations or the fact-based, informational tales. Experience a Triceratops camp out or find out all about a Stretchosaur. Listen as Daisy makes an unexpected friend or follow the flight of the ancient dragonfly. Explore together and start a lasting bedtime relaxation ritual.

Each section is geared to promote discussion about some of the most common topics that might be on your kids' minds from their busy days, including:

  • Responsibility, Self-care, Perfectionism, Bedtime Fears, Friendship, Nighttime Noises, Adaptability, Optimism, Family, Personal Safety, Practice Skills and Fantasy

In the world today, rates of anxiety in children have increased at an alarming rate because of fast-paced schedules, pressures at school, and less time spent playing outdoors. Taking time together enjoying the stories in this book can help to bring about an overall calm. These moments of awareness of our bodies, breathing and environment can have a major effect on both you and your child.

"Teaching your child to stay in the present moment through mindfulness and meditation affects the quality and richness of life in a positive way and, since the present moment is all we have, this reduces the overall anxiety brought on by focus on the past or nervous anticipation of the future. How wonderful to help your child learn to quiet the mind and enjoy restful and rejuvenating sleep."

If you think that what I described to you corresponds to what you want for your child's serenity, start now and enjoy the book by clicking on the button buy now.

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ISBN: 9781802126907
ISBN-10: 1802126902
Publisher: Mariah Spencer
Publication Date: February 22nd, 2021
Pages: 140
Language: English