How to Draw Cute Kawaii in Simple Steps (Paperback)

How to Draw Cute Kawaii in Simple Steps By Yishan Li Cover Image

How to Draw Cute Kawaii in Simple Steps (Paperback)


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Draw 100 amazingly cute kawaii-style projects in just 8 easy stages from scratch!

Anything can be drawn in kawaii style, from animals, people, food and flowers to vehicles and everyday items. Yishan Li shows you how in just a few simple steps. Expert comic book and manga artist Yishan Li shows you how to achieve 100 amazingly cute characters in a few simple steps. Do you want to draw a honey bear, chameleon or sloth, a waiter or fairy, or even a car or TV in kawaii-style? The choice is yours!
Choose from over 100 different projects, including a honey bear, a singing cactus, a sloth, waiter, fairy, or even a car or TV. The choice is yours!

Each step-by-step project is developed in 8 easy stages from a rough sketch of the basic shapes through to the finished, colored drawing, full of character and charm.
Yishan Li is a professional Manga artist who lives in Shanghai. Yishan has been drawing Manga since 1998 when she was in high school and she has subsequently been published internationally including China, North America, France and the UK. Visit her website
Product Details ISBN: 9781782219460
ISBN-10: 1782219463
Publisher: Search Press
Publication Date: August 3rd, 2021
Pages: 128
Language: English
Series: How to Draw
BOOKLIST July 1 2021

Author and artist Li (How to Draw Kawaii Animals in Simple Steps, 2020) returns with another inthe How to Draw . . . in Simple Steps series. More than 100 kawaii (cute) drawings are providedin eight steps each, allowing the reader to sketch along with the book and practice until they’vemastered the item, person, or creature of their choice. The drawings fall into a few categories:animals, everyday objects, vehicles, food, and chibis (cute, stylized, miniature characters).Though instructions are not written out in words, the familiar technique readers will learn here isto identify the basic shapes that make up the item one wants to draw, start with a blocky sketchusing those shapes, and refine the sketch gradually. As usual, the only instruction for the finalstep of coloring in is the example, so readers may wish to look to other sources to learn aboutshading, color choice, and other related aspects. Fun and cute, this will appeal to those wishing to learn how to draw in a kawaii style.  
— Anne Heidemann