From Victim to Victor (Paperback)

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Oh, God, I need a do-over I need to do my whole life over Look at this mess Oh, God I have made a mess out of my life Father, I am a failure Look at me, a West Point graduate, Army infantry officer, and I'm over 360 pounds I'm in debt, I'm not able to pay my bills, I'm a tither and a giver, and I'm struggling from paycheck to paycheck My wife has to work. I have failed as a father My oldest children have turned from pursuing You I'm called into the ministry and I'm afraid to do what you have called me to do I go through the motions as a marriage counselor, as a men's ministry leader, as a teacher God Help me Help me God, I have ruined my life and wasted the gifts and talents you blessed me with. I want a do-over This was my prayer several days a week on my drive home from work for about 18 months. I had chosen to be a victim I allowed circumstances to dictate my choices in life. My journey began at 363 pounds. I have shared the wisdom God gave me as I started, continued, pressed through, and obtained my goal of reaching 180 pounds. I am not going to tell you that choosing to be a Victor is easy. I am telling you that you "must" choose to be a Victor if you want to succeed in this life Robert "Bob" Wells is a former US Army Officer, a c/o 1987 West Point graduate, husband, and father. Bob has been involved in Men's Ministry since 1994, serving as a Promise Keepers ambassador for four years. Bob and his wife Cathy have been active in marriage ministry for over twelve years.
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ISBN: 9781662805615
ISBN-10: 1662805616
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Date: February 9th, 2021
Pages: 146
Language: English