No One Left But You (Hardcover)

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No One Left But You (Hardcover)


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A trans teen is swept up in a whirlwind friendship with lethal consequences in this taut YA thriller, for fans of Sadie, Andrew Joseph White, and HBO's Euphoria.

BEFORE. Newly out trans guy Max is having a hard time in school. Things have been tough since his summer romance, Danny, turned into his bully. This year, Max's plan is to keep his head down and graduate. All that changes when new It Girl, Gloss, moves to town. No one understands why perfect, polished Gloss is so interested in an introverted skater kid, but Max blooms in the hothouse of her attention. Caught between romance and obsession, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her on his side.

AFTER. Haircuts, makeovers, drugs, parties. It’s all fun and games until someone gets killed at a rager gone terribly wrong. Max refuses to believe that Gloss did it. But if not Gloss, who? Desperate to figure out truth in the wake of tragedy, Max veers dangerously close to being implicated—and his own memories of that awful night are fuzzy. Both sharp-edged thriller and moving coming of age, this gorgeously wrought novel is perfect for readers who want stories with trans characters front and center.
Tash McAdam is a Welsh-Canadian author, activist and educator. Their publications include No One Left But You, The Psionics, Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selections Blood Sport and Sink or Swim, and more. Tash is passionate about social justice and mentors trans youth through the Gender Generations Project, a program they sit on the board for and were instrumental in founding. When they’re not writing or reading you can find Tash in a lake, lying on the carpet thinking about monsters, or getting a new tattoo. They enjoy regular cups of tea, making miniatures, existential philosophy, and sharp objects.
Product Details ISBN: 9781641294898
ISBN-10: 1641294892
Publisher: Soho Teen
Publication Date: November 28th, 2023
Pages: 288
Language: English
Praise for No One Left But You

Kirkus Reviews Best YA Books of 2023

“Tash McAdam’s No One Left But You hits like lightning in the blood. A brilliant thriller, a gentle panic attack that ends so sweet and tender, it’s easy to forget you couldn’t breathe.”
—K. Ancrum, author of The Wicker King

“While Danny, like many of the people in their small English town, has a tough time with Max transitioning into the boy he always knew he was, the relatively cosmopolitan Gloss takes charge of Max’s glow up into the stylish, emo trans boy he never knew he could be . . . The book’s structure allows for twists that complicate the narrative and bring nuance to the characters; McAdam manages a tricky feat.”
The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

“It is waterfalls of meaningful prose, woven in between a suspenseful thriller and everyday teen angst, and I read it all in one day.”
—Provo City Library Staff Reviews

“From drug use to broken hearts to the effect of testosterone on the libido . . . the characters ring utterly true, which makes the novel both fearsomely compelling and emotionally frank. Even relatively minor characters receive McAdam’s full attention, resulting in a climax that is at once surprising and inevitable. No One Left But You is a perfect read for teens, and for older readers that gravitate to a well-drawn story.”
Quill and Quire, Starred Review

“Poignant and intoxicating.”
Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review

“McAdam’s prose is masterly with perfect, striking phrases for feelings rarely adequately described. It feels euphoric reading such an authentic and natural portrayal of the lived experience of a trans teen . . . Max's captivating journey is one that teen patrons shouldn't miss. Highly recommended.”
—School Library Journal

No One Left But You encapsulates the messiness of teenage lives and relationships, especially that of queer youth . . . This book will reach readers looking for queer stories outside the realms of coming-out narratives or romances.”

No One Left But You is a suspenseful mystery novel about grief and obsession.”
—Foreword Reviews

“McAdam persuasively delivers a sensitive portrait of one trans teenager’s experience navigating the roiling, uncertain emotions of adolescence amid a nail-biting murder mystery.”
Publishers Weekly

Praise for Tash McAdam

“The focused, deliberate writing keeps up the pace; this agile murder mystery moves like a bantamweight champion. Gritty yet without the pitfalls of trauma porn, this novel has the tough shell of noir but a tender underbelly, making it a great read for those looking for realistic yet trans-affirming fiction.”

"Every line barrels into the next, taut with suspense, and keeps you wanting more."
—Mary Fan, author of Starswept

“Readers looking for a fast-paced and exciting perilous romance will come away satisfied.”
Kirkus Reviews