The 13 Steps To Riches: Habitude Warrior Volume 2: FAITH with Sharon Lechter (Paperback)

The 13 Steps To Riches: Habitude Warrior Volume 2: FAITH with Sharon Lechter By Erik Swanson Cover Image

The 13 Steps To Riches: Habitude Warrior Volume 2: FAITH with Sharon Lechter (Paperback)


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  • Are you a student of Napoleon Hill's classic from 1937 Think and Grow Rich?
  • Has your life or business benefited from the timeless truths of this global classic?
  • Experience these foundational principles of success that carry on from generation to generation.

Presenting: The 13 Steps to Riches by Habitude Warrior Volume 2 FAITH

Based on the timeless truths of Napoleon Hill's classic Think and Grow Rich, the 13 steps come alive in this modern-day journey by each hand-selected author in this first-ever series:

The 13 Steps to Riches by Habitude Warrior Special Edition Volume 1 DESIRE

In this professionally published limited author series the entire 13-set series is being made available globally by Beyond Publishing, in all formats. Available in bookstores, libraries, and online stores everywhere.

Each volume features a Celebrity Author:

Volume 1: Denis Waitley - DESIRE

Volume 2: Sharon Lechter - FAITH

Volume 3: Jim Cathcart - AUTO SUGGESTION


Volume 5: Glenn Lundy - IMAGINATION

Volume 6: Marie Diamond - ORGANIZED PLANNING

Volume 7: Dan Clark - DECISION

Volume 8: Alec Stern - PERSISTENCE

Volume 9: Erik Swanson - MASTERMIND

Volume 10: Loral Langemeier - TRANSMUTATION

Volume 11: Doria Cordova - SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

Volume 12: John Assaraf - THE BRAIN

Volume 13: Kevin Harrington - SIXTH SENSE

Authors include:

Sharon Lechter

Erik Swanson

Jon Kovach Jr.

Adam Platt, Amado Hernandez, Angelika Ullsperger, Anthony Criniti, Barry Bevier, Brian Schulman, Bryce McKinley, Candace Rose, David Rose, Collier Landry, Corey Poirier, Deb Scott, Dori Ray, Elaine Sugimura, Elizabeth Walker, Erin Ley, Fatima Hurd, Frankie Fegurgur, Freeman Witherspoon, Gina Bacalski, Griselda Beck, Jason Curtis, Jeff Levine, Lacey Platt, Louisa Jovanovich, Lynda West, Maris Segal, Ken Ashby, Mel Mason, Miatta Hampton, Michael D. Butler, Michelle Cameron Coulter, Al Coulter, Michelle Mras, Mickey Stewart, Natalie Susi, Nita Patel, Olga Geidane, Paul Capozio, Paul Andr's, Robyn Scott, Shannon Whittington, Soraiya Vasanji, Stacey Ross Cohen, Teresa Cundiff, Vera Thomas and Yuri Choi.

Grab all 13 Volumes to complete your library

Product Details ISBN: 9781637921227
ISBN-10: 1637921225
Publisher: Beyond Publishing
Publication Date: July 15th, 2021
Pages: 310
Language: English