Rising Above Lyme Disease: A Revolutionary, Holistic Approach to Managing and Reversing the Symptoms of Lyme Disease And Reclaiming Your Life (Paperback)

Rising Above Lyme Disease: A Revolutionary, Holistic Approach to Managing and Reversing the Symptoms of Lyme Disease And Reclaiming Your Life Cover Image
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About the Author

Julia Greenspan, N.D. runs the private medical practice Greenhouse Naturopathic Medicine, and has been treating patients for tick-borne disease in New Hampshire--one of the epicenters for Lyme disease--for more than ten years. She is a member of the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society (ILADS), the New Hampshire Association of Naturopathic Doctors, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. 

Dr. Greenspan has a background in psychology and social work specializing in crisis management, and uses a personalized, multi-faceted approach in the treatment of Lyme and other diseases. She holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Portland State University in Portland, Oregon and is a graduate of the National College of Natural Medicine. She served as the Chair for the Naturopathic Board of Examiners for the State of New Hampshire for five years and has been interviewed as an expert in Lyme disease on both radio and television, in addition to being published in the Naturopathic Doctor News and Review, the national publication for Naturopathic Physicians. She is a patient advocate, Lyme disease survivor, and mother of two.

Praise For…

“It is not until one is diagnosed with Lyme disease that most discover how truly complicated and misunderstood tick-borne illness really is. This book is not only educational, but also inspiring, as Dr. Greenspan comes from the perspective of both a naturopathic doctor and recovered Lyme patient. She’s been through the throes of the illness and has come out on the other side, bringing with her an understanding and drive to help Lyme patients with real passion—and this shines through in Rising Above Lyme Disease. This book helps navigate your way through an incredibly complex illness by educating you on testing, self-advocacy, supportive therapies, and the ever-important education we all need for prevention.”
- Laura Piazza, co-author of Recipes for Repair: A 10-Week Program to Combat Chronic Inflammation and-

“It takes a special person to outsmart a spirochete and a special doctor to dare enough to do it. From demystifying and untangling a dizzying array of symptoms with keen intuition, proper testing, and comprehensive assessment, to her effective and ever-adaptable naturopathic treatment plan—an intelligent and bold combination of antibiotic medications, probiotics, herbal medicine, detox, cognition support and more—Julia Greenspan is that special person and doctor. I should know because I was her patient. Julia goes above and beyond in this book to address things no one else has—from dealing with the trauma of this devastating illness, to facing denial and cost, to how to present yourself and your challenges to family, co-workers, and schools. This is a most honest and practical guide to getting your life back.”
- Joy Devins, Lyme disease survivor and thriver, and author of Lyme Whisperer: The Secretâ??s Out-

“In Rising Above Lyme Disease, naturopathic Dr. Julia Greenspan provides an easy to understand guide and overview of classical and natural therapies for those with tick-borne illness. This book is a must read for those wanting to understand how to bridge the best of Western, Eastern, and natural approaches.”
- Richard Horowitz, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of How Can I Get Better? An Action Plan f-
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ISBN: 9781592337774
ISBN-10: 1592337775
Publisher: Fair Winds Press
Publication Date: January 8th, 2019
Pages: 256