Taking the Guesswork Out of School Success: A Standards Approach (Paperback)

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Taking the Guesswork Out of School Success makes the whole school process simpler. For years, guessing what the teacher wanted on a test has been a key to good grades. If you guessed right, you got an A. If you guessed wrong enough times, you didn't pass. Most of us don't want our children going through the same process. From the first day of school, you want your child to succeed and bring home good grades as a measure of their success. What can a parent to do help? You need to know what is expected of a child at each grade level. What are the standards being taught for the year? What will be on the tests? What will be graded? Once the guesswork is eliminated, there are numerous ways to help. You'll want suggestions and guidance to assist in your child's learning. Basing your guidance on the standards being taught at school means there's a focus to learning not just a random possibility of hitting on something helpful. Direction from a parent may be the exact remedy a child needs to learn the last of the multiplication tables (third grade math standard) or understand orbiting of the planets (fifth grade science standard). A nightly review of multiplication or a weekend activity of stargazing may be what's needed to solidify newly learned material. A child who has material he's learned in school reinforced at home is both confident and competent. Now is the time to involve yourself with your child's learning. Taking the Guesswork Out of School Success will tell you how.

About the Author

Joni Samples is currently superintendent of schools for the Glenn County Schools in Willows, California. She is a consummate educator who began as a teacher's aide and now finds herself a superintendent. She has taken her passion for education into the field of writing and shares her expertise through stories, humor, and suggestions for making learning easier and better for learners of any age.
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ISBN: 9781578860265
ISBN-10: 1578860261
Publisher: R & L Education
Publication Date: December 30th, 2003
Pages: 242
Language: English