Finding Bethany, a memoir (Hardcover)

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“I have always said you don’t have to have a murdered sister to be a good homicide detective, but it helps.”

And so begins Finding Bethany, a behind the scenes true crime memoir of murder and justice in the last frontier of Alaska. Finding Bethany is the true story of how, as a young boy, Klinkhart failed to save his sister from a heinous sexual homicide and how he began his journey as a police officer to find the lost, the missing, and to bring those who would do evil upon others to justice. His career as a homicide detective takes you along as he travels from the brink of exhaustion, obsession, and into the dark and evil world of socio-pathic killers, and those who would do anything to help them.

Praise For…

"Compelling and riveting. In this tragic story, Klinkhart plumps an even deeper mystery, the impact on him of the murder of his own sister when they were just teenagers decades earlier. An unhealed personal loss and a passion for justice drives the narrative of "Finding Bethany," a story that reminds readers of Alaska's dark side." - Kim Rich, writer and author of “Johnny's Girl”

Homicide Detective Glen Klinkhart relives his personal journey from teenage brother of a murdered sister through police academy and career as a top police investigator. Klinkhart took his cases personally and so will you. When Bethany Correira disappears in circumstances eerily like his sister Dawn’s death scene, Klinkhart becomes obsessed by the community’s question, where is she?" - Tom Brennan, author of “Cold Crime” & “Murder at 40 Below”

“First as a detective, then as a writer, Glen Klinkhart, has managed to take a tragic situation and turn it into an inspiring tale of the power of good over evil. Strap yourself in because this book will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride you won't want to miss!” – Danna Grammer, Anchorage, Alaska

"Perfect, love, love love the whole book. Perfect voice and spirit! So real and respectful." - Gina Hollomon, Anchorage, Alaska
Product Details
ISBN: 9781578339761
Publisher: Todd Communications
Publication Date: April 11th, 2014
Pages: 304