A Visual Dictionary of Decorative and Domestic Arts (American Alliance of Museums) (Hardcover)

A Visual Dictionary of Decorative and Domestic Arts (American Alliance of Museums) By Nancy Odegaard, Gerry Wagner Crouse Cover Image

A Visual Dictionary of Decorative and Domestic Arts (American Alliance of Museums) (Hardcover)


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A Visual Dictionary of Decorative and Domestic Arts provides a common and unambiguous vocabulary for the parts of handcrafted decorative, domestic, and artistic items. Terminology for a broad array of object types is presented alongside original 3D illustrations that facilitate objective referencing. The reference enhances learning, labeling, and discussing various craft items in great physical detail.

Sixty-four 3D graphic illustrations provide an effective visual format for identifying the vocabulary/location of the parts on individual objects.

The dictionary is divided into five major sections:

  • Decorative Objects such as a basket, jar/jug, flatware
  • Domestic Furnishings such as a bed with bedding, upholstered chairs, tables
  • Artistic Works and Tools such as books, prints, paintings, photographs, and sculpture
  • Jewelry Adornment Items such as earrings, necklaces, pins, and watches
  • Accessory Articles such as a hat, pipe, comb, and fan

The thoroughness of the annotations makes this volume an essential tool for museum curators and conservators, librarians, connoisseurs, buyers and dealers; artists and crafts persons, collectors, designers, registrars and anyone with an interest in visual history.

Nancy Odegaard is Conservator at the Arizona State Museum and Professor at the University of Arizona. She utilized three scholar residency awards to conduct intellectual research on the parts or vocabularies for handcrafted domestic and decorative objects. In 2001 she conducted research while a research fellow at the Winterthur Library and Archives, in 2007 she continued research while a fellow at the Getty Conservation Institute, and in 2015 she added research as a fellow at ICCROM in Rome. Her books have received three Kress Publication Awards from the AIC. She has published over 200 chapters, journal articles, conference proceedings, newsletter pieces, posters, and electronic media. She is an elected fellow of the AIC and IIC, and has been an active member in AAM, ATALM, ICOM.Gerry Wagner Crouse has worked in illustration and graphic media for over 20 years. She has extensive experience and training with scientific line-drawing illustration as well as 3D animation graphics. Her graphic artworks have been utilized by Carnegie Museum of Natural History and Buhl Planetarium, Houston Museum of Natural History Science Planetarium, Louisiana Art and Science Museum, and National Geographic Television. Currently, she works by contract with museums, tribal communities, contract resource management firms, planetariums, and educational agencies.
Product Details ISBN: 9781538148877
ISBN-10: 1538148870
Publisher: American Alliance of Museums
Publication Date: February 20th, 2023
Pages: 182
Language: English
Series: American Alliance of Museums