Chakra Animals: Discover Your Connection to Wisdom of the Natural World (Paperback)

Chakra Animals: Discover Your Connection to Wisdom of the Natural World By Angelica Stuart Cover Image

Chakra Animals: Discover Your Connection to Wisdom of the Natural World (Paperback)


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"Chakra Animals is insightful, informative, and extremely readable. Angelica Stuart's love of the subject, and her readers, is obvious on every page."--Richard Webster, author of Is Your Pet Psychic? and Living in Your Soul's Light

Bathe Your Soul in the Ethereal Energy of the Animal-Spirit Realm

The animals of the world are filled with insights and lessons for their human friends. Chakra Animals shares the chakra wisdom of fifty familiar North American animals to support you in making changes in your life, especially in areas where you may be struggling. Developing your connection to the animals that you resonate with is an important and fun activity that enhances your spirituality and sense of wellness, for example:

Call on the turtle in the heart chakra for those times you need support opening your heart and emerging from your shell.

If you connect to bear and the heart chakra, it may mean you need to climb into a warm and cozy den for a period of healing and rejuvenation.

Work with the butterfly in the crown chakra when journeying into higher realms of consciousness and reconnecting with the beauty you find there.

In this book, you will discover chakra interpretations for each of the seven chakras for all fifty animals--350 bite-sized bits of chakra wisdom in all These insights will help you focus on specific goals that are important to you and they will help you remove inner blocks that may be holding you back. You will also discover tips and techniques for integrating the chakra wisdom into your life and stories of personal transformation to help you process the profound guidance the animals share with you.


"Angelica Stuart's Chakra Animals stands out among contemporary intuitive, oracular, and divinatory tools. Its images are of animals and it speaks of their sacred power in the very energy centers that translate light to form: the Chakras."--Orion Foxwood, author of The Faery Teachings

"We humans love to ally ourselves with other animals, and Chakra Animals allows us to internalize the energies of fifty different beings while using the seven primary chakras as a road map. Angelica Stuart provides an introduction to these valuable relationships, helping the reader to understand some of the ways in which the animals can guide us through personal growth and spiritual development."--Lupa, author of New Paths to Animal Totems

Angelica Stuart has been a spiritual practitioner for nearly 40 years. In the late 1970s early '80s, she was initiated into a Welsh tradition, but for the last 25+ years her journey has been more eclectic, incorporating many different paths, including shamanic studies, working with the Archangels, being an observer of people, and of course, working with the chakras as a way to connect with her first love--the natural world.
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