For Authors

Congratulations on your new book! And thank you for thinking of Fireside Books for potential placement. Please keep in mind that we have a small staff and evaluations may take several months to be completed. Here are the guidelines we use when evaluating all books:

Stocking Requirements:

  • The content must be pertinent to our community and be an item our customers would be interested in purchasing.
  • For children's books, the style of artwork must suit the level of difficulty and density of the text.
  • The book must be newly published; ideally, the author or agent contacts us 2‑4 months before the publication date.
  • Proper packaging is essential. We look at price, writing & editing quality, cover design, binding, and the general quality of packaging including marketing materials. No spiral binding or blank spines.
  • We do NOT accept AI-generated works of any kind. 
  • There should be no minimum quantity requirements for wholesale ordering.

Purchasing terms, if we decide to go forward:

  • We do not stock or hold events for books published through Amazon or any of their publishing units, including CreateSpace. We highly recommend IngramSpark, an Indie-friendly alternative to CreateSpace and other predatory book "publishers".
  • If the book is available at Ingram Content Group, it must be offered at Regular Discount, Returnable, and in stock at the OR or TN warehouses with reasonable inventory on hand.

If you feel your book fits these requirements:

  • Fill out our New Author Form attached below. Send an email to our buyer with your completed New Author Form attached.
  • Send a physical sample of your book to our store at 720 S Alaska St, Palmer, AK 99645.
  • All sample books/materials sent to or left at Fireside Books will be deemed complimentary review copies and become the property of Fireside Books.


  • Email our Events Manager here
  • Be aware that our calendar is booked at least six weeks in advance, and it is unusual for us to host an event for a book that was published more than six months prior to the event date.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines — Due to the volume of requests, we find it necessary to be upfront about our requirements.