"Weathered Edge" authors Kris Farmen, Martha Amore, and Buffy McKay

11/09/2013 5:00 pm
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Weathered Edge is a compilation of three Alaskan novellas written by Alaskans.  Kris Farmen's story, Edge of Somewhere, is described by the author as being "about a surfer who gets savaged by a shark, and how the attack affects his life in the following years. More substantially, it’s a story about Alaska and Alaskans that isn’t set in Alaska."  In the second novella, according to author, Martha Amore, Weathered In is "about a mountaineer who has a baby and gives up climbing. Her husband does not, and much drama ensues."  And finally, Buffy McKay's novella, Sundowning, "explores what it is to be Alaska Native, and her survival story expands from the personal to cultural survival."  Ultimately, these are three novellas you won't want to miss, all focusing on what it means to be Alaskan.

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